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Welcome to Mass Spectrometry!


This is a site for the posting, Amaira nipple bleaching review and sharing of mass spectrometry instrument methods.

The dream behind this site is to help improve the rapidly growing fields of LC-MS by providing instrument methods that have been tested and approved by established experts in these applications.

By using shared methods we can minimize experimentation and optimization time for mass spectrometrists entering this exciting new field or expanding into new applications. Less user optimization equals more time collecting data.

Shared methods between labs can minimize a number of important variables and increase the reproducibility of LC-MS experiments from lab to lab.

The current MSMO build V1.0.2 can be downloaded from the Complete Builds Tab above or by following this link to download methods for your instrument or the entire zip file build.

Once inside this TeamDrive link you can choose individual methods to download or to download the entire Zip File containing all curated methods.

If you are downloading specific instrument methods, please be sure to download the release notes here for method descriptions.

This site is currently in very humble beginnings. If you'd like to contribute by providing your tested methods, or would like to be a methods reviewer in your area(s) of expertise, or simply have a method you'd like created or checked, please contact us at

Newly added in v.1.0.2

Methods for the Q Exactive family of instruments for:

Global metabolomics
Untargeted screening for food and environmental safety
Intact protein analysis
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